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why strict parenting is bad

Why strict parenting is bad (Top reasons)

Strict parenting is a topic that has been discussed by many people in different ways. Some argue that it’s an effective parenting technique while others are on the contrary. In this parenting style, parents place high expectations on their children and their main focus is on control and discipline. This makes them disregard the nurturing part of parenting. There are various reasons why it is not advisable to adopt a strict parenting style. The common concerns are low self-esteem, sleep deprivation, anxiety, and poor academic performance. From these examples, it can be concluded that strict parenting is detrimental to a child’s thought process and is not helpful in assisting children to learn self-regulation. Let’s get into detail about why strict parenting is bad.

Reasons why strict parenting is bad

Why exactly is that strict parenting is bad? Strict parenting, where rules and boundaries are heavily enforced and punishment is often used as a means of discipline, can have negative consequences for children. Some of the potential negative effects of strict parenting are lack of autonomy, low self-esteem, difficulty expressing emotions, negative impact on mental health, difficulty with social interactions and lack of trust

1. Results to Anxiety in children

The kind of treatment, both physical and emotional that children get from their strict parents make them live with excessive fear. These feelings of restlessness, hyperventilation, trembling, and sweating when a parent is near are signs of anxiety. Such children are afraid of their parents and fear doing things independently (without their parent’s assistance or permission) because they are aware of the repercussion. Fear is instilled in children up to the point that they are scared of you, their parents.

2. Leads to Low self-esteem

In a strict parenting style, parents are the ones who have the final say. Whatever a child says has no impact and is not recognized at all. Since children have no say, they end up believing that their opinions don’t matter hence having low self-esteem. Eve even they are told to give their opinions on public matters or by their colleague, they are unable to do so.

why strict parenting is bad

3. Results to Lying (quick to lie)

Knowing that you will be punished by doing something even after making a justifiable reason makes you lie. Kids of strict parents are excellent liars. They have mastered lying up to the point that one is unable to distinguish a lie from the truth. Since lying mollifies their parents, they have no other choice but to do it.

4. Interferes with a child’s creativity

Children of strict parents cannot think independently. They are used to their parents dictating to them what to do and what not to do. Due to this, their creativity is gradually interfered with. They are unable to think outside the box when faced with issues and are not motivated to do anything that can change the situation.

5. Inability to make a decision

A parent who adopts the strict parenting style is the one who dictates what to do and how. A child lack confidence in himself since everything he does something, it’s criticized regardless of how good it is. A child loses confidence, self-worth, and ability to make decisions on his own. a kid thinks only about how to make his parents happy and placate.

6. Detrimental to the child-parent relationship

A strict parenting style is a way of having a damaged child-parent relationship. A child never finds love, affection, empathy, or any other quality that defines a caring and approachable parent. This creates a divide between the two and their relationship is devastated. As a parent, you will never understand or connect with your child if you are using this parenting style.

7. Risk for depression in children

Children whose parents are severely strict are often sad, empty, and hopeless. They might also have sleep deprivation. These are signs of depression which is a mood disorder. Children have persistent feelings of loss of interest and sadness. Some children won’t be aware of what is happening to them hence they end up in mental health facilities or on meds.

8. Eating disorders

Some people turn to food when they are sad or something bad has happened to them while others lack interest in food. These eating disorders have different effects. For example, those whose appetites go up, end up being obese.

9. Poor academic performance

Children whose parents are strict are unable to focus and their minds are not settled. This makes it difficult for them to perform well academically. Though strict parents demand the highest academic performance from their children, it becomes impossible for their children to perform under such pressure.

10. Lead to bullying

As a parent, you’re a child’s role model. This means a child will follow or rather preach what you preach. If you preach fear, your child will preach fear. By doing so, he will end up bullying other children since they can yell and use force to make others obey them without question.

11. Leads to Rebellious children

Kids who are raised with a strict parenting style, tend to be angrier ad rebellious when they are teenagers or young adults. Since they perceive themselves as no longer children, they become unruly. Their parents are sometimes not in a position to do anything since they are dealing with “grown-ups” not little children.


Being a strict parent does not make your child behave well. Although you might think it works, keep in mind it has negative long-term effects such as anxiety, low self-esteem, and children who are quick to lie; these are just some of the reasons why strict parenting is bad. You might enjoy the short rewards that the parenting style comes with but be warned that once your child is a teenager, things will be different.

As a parent, have a connection with your child, understand them and know what is best for them. Reflect on how you were brought up and what you wish was different then give it to your child. Be proactive even in matters concerning discipline.

If you are not aware of the signs of a strict parent, learn about them and what to look for to know if you are a strict parent.

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