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Why Do Babies Smile When They Fart

Why Do Babies Smile When They Fart (the answers)

A baby’s fart can make every parent put a smile on his face. Giggling becomes irresistible. But have you ever asked yourself why babies smile when they fart? Although it might seem normal, some parents do ask themselves why a baby would fart. Just the same way you are not alarmed when you fart, or a fellow grown-up fart, you should not be alarmed when a baby farts. Do not rush and start changing the baby diapers.

So, why do babies smile when they fart? Fart is all about getting rid of gas in the body. Gas relief, even a little bit, brings relief to a baby. Such relief makes the baby happy. Since smiling is intrinsically connected with gray matter in the precuneus (part of the brain where happiness resides), the baby smiles unexpectedly. Let’s dig in and understand what more about gas in babies.

What Causes a Baby to be Gassy?

  1. Immature digestive system leads to food being fully digested. Undigested food results in gas accumulation.
  2.  A mom’s diet and hypersensitivity in babies. The kind of food (contents and value) a mother takes can result in gas in babies. Food such as Brussels sprouts, garlic, and cauliflower increases the amount of sulfur in the body hence making people gassy. This also affects the baby.
  3. Aerophagia. The air that a baby swallows while breastfeeding, eating or even crying can also be a reason why your baby is gassy.
  4.  Solid food transition. By the time a baby is transitioned from breast milk to solid food, the various enzymes and probiotics that assist in digestion might be yet to develop. Due to this, the stomach accumulates gas hence the baby being gassy.
  5.  Breastfeeding posture. This is the same as aerophagia. If your breastfeeding posture is incorrect, your baby will swallow air and become gassy.
  6. Lactose intolerance. This is yet another reason why a baby farts. If your child is lactose intolerant, lactose will be fermented into gases and acid as there is not enough lactase to break down sugars. This leads to gas in babies, as well as adults.
  7. Overfeeding. While overfeeding a baby, air that produces gas is indigested hence leading to discomfort and a gassy baby (farting).

Why Do Babies Smile When They Fart

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Gassy Babies?

  • Crying. If your baby is unusual cry, this might be gas
  • Trouble with sleep or not eating and sleeping well
  • Squirm. Your baby squirms as if she or she is not comfortable

If the above signs worsen, take your baby to a pediatrician to be checked since it might not be gas.

Home Remedies for Baby Gas Relief

  1. Pedaling (baby bicycles) should not be done immediately after feeding a baby. Hold both your baby’s legs and pedal them slowly (back and forth motion). You can bend them towards the chest while doing this.
  2. A warm bath. This is a good remedy when it comes to dealing with constipation and gas discomfort in babies. Warm water both soothes and relaxes a baby.
  3. Warm water. Giving your baby warm water helps with getting rid of gas. Only consider this remedy if your baby is old enough to take water.
  4. Burp your baby. Repeatedly and gently pat your baby on the back.
  5. Belly rub. Giving your baby a massage is also another effective remedy for baby gas relief. Rub your hand or two fingers gently on the baby’s tummy clockwise. You can do asafetida rub if you know how to do it.
  6. Properly latch your baby while breastfeeding to avoid the baby from swallowing air.

When to Involve a Pediatrician (Doctor)

Sometimes, gassing in babies might be a serious medical issue. This might be so if your baby seems constipated, doesn’t want to eat solid food, or your baby vomits, has trouble breathing, or shows other allergic reactions. If this happens, visit a pediatrician or any other doctor who you feel might be helpful.


As a parent, you will have to take good care of your baby. This means you have to keep track of every small thing that happens to your baby or your baby does, even farting. Excess gas might make a baby uncomfortable hence you have to know the signs of a gassy baby. Do some external therapies such as baby bicycle so as to help in expelling the gas.

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