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How to tire out an autistic child

7 Effective Ways on How to Tire Out an Autistic Child

For many people, having an autistic child initially comes with indescribable pain. Goodnight sleep for many children with autism might be an elusive thing. Recognizing the fact that sleeplessness is detrimental to anyone who experiences is important.  Due to this, its is crucial for a parent of an autistic child to make sure the child sleeps well. One of the strategies that can be adopted in making this possible is by making a child tire out. Often people ponder how to tire out an autistic child.

This can be challenging since the way they interact, learn, communicate and behave is affected by this disorder. This means they cannot be handled like other neurotypical kids although some of the activities practiced by those kids can be practiced by autistic children as well.

How to Tire Out an Autistic Child

When it comes to tiring out an autistic child, the activities and venue that one picks should be interesting to and comfortable for the child. This is the key to success. This can be done by observing what your child loves or is interested in. You can even have the kid as the kid questions if he or she is verbal. Here are some of the ways how to tire out an autistic child.

1. Swimming 

It might be challenging to teach a child with autism how to swim, especially those with severe autism. But with the love, patience, and hope of a parent, it can be easy peasy. Swimming has many benefits and if you are looking for a way to tire out an autistic child, then consider it.

With swimming being a demanding exercise, major muscle groups of the body are used hence this exercise tires the body. After a swimming session, the autistic child will not be as energetic as he was before.

2. Seek and Find Bottles 

Physical activities are the number one ticket to making an autistic child tire out. Seek and find bottles is an activity that an autistic child can be involved in. It’s even a great learning, sensory and visual activity for autistic children.

The aim of involving autistic kids in this activity is to keep them occupied as much as possible. To do this effectively, various simple themes can be used and clear instructions given to the child. While doing this, avoid information overload as much as possible.

Walking around seeking the bottles will tire out the child, not only physically but also mentally.

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3. Hiking 

A real phenomenon associated with hiking is post-hiking fatigue. Since you want to get an autistic child tired, then why not put this phenomenon into consideration. This is a great way to spend time and exercise.

The best part about hiking is that one gets to enjoy nature while doing so. Bringing along a pair of binoculars won’t be a bad idea at all since the child will be able to do some bird watching or even star gazing.

Climbing will also be part of hiking since you will have to go up some hills or rocky places.

How to tire out an autistic child

4. Walking 

Although a leisurely walk will not probably tire out an autistic child, irregular walks will sure do in the long run.

Just like hiking, walking can be a great way to spend time and exercise. Walking can also be a bonding time with your child.

The reason why walking is recommended over sports is that autistic children are rarely good at sports, especially team sports. Even with this being an issue, they do have stamina and a lot of physical energy hence walking will still do the trick for them.

5. Playing Video Games  

Gamming burnout and fatigue can help to tire out an autistic child. Gaming requires a lot of hand-eye coordination and brainpower as well.

For a child with autism, you might want to give them simple games. Most probably video games involving only two buttons. This is because complex ones might be challenging to them and may make them frustrated instead of engaging and enjoying them.

To this even more fun, you can join and play together with them. Don’t focus on winning the games, let them have the most wins but make them slightly challenging so that they can increase then brain power and hand-eye coordination input.

6. Taking a Bath or a Shower 

Baths and Showers have a soothing effect, especially for children. It’s under such effect when drowsiness kicks in and a child suddenly wants to sleep.

So if you want an autistic child to feel tired and drowsy, then consider bathing him or her.

7. Pulling, Jumping, Carrying, and Pushing Activities 

Activities involving pulling, carrying, pushing, and jumping can be perfect for tiring out autistic children.

Often, these children might find it challenging to understand their position in relation to space hence being overly cautious, loud, or clumsy at times. Such activities engage various muscles hence they not only assist a kid to develop better spatial and body awareness but also make them tired.

Final Thoughts 

For autistic children, play activities can be challenging for them. This is because they are stuck in repetitive patterns, have communication problems, and have difficulty focusing. These three are the main reasons why they might not even want to participate in a play with other children. Even with this in mind, play is crucial in the development of an autistic child.

The above activities are effective in tiring out an autistic children and it’s even impossible for them to resist participating in them. These are simple but highly engaging activities that can be suitable for exhausting a kid with autism and ultimately channeling his high level of energy. If your child is tired, the possibility of them having a better sleep is high.  

If an autistic child is unable to sleep, try these possible strategies that can assist the child to sleep better.

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