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How to get baby to take medicine without spitting out

How to Get Baby to Take Medicine Without Spitting Out

One thing almost all babies hate is taking medicine and perhaps is one of the most frustrating moments for a parent. A parent knows what the medicine will do to their child but the baby does not realize this. Most babies spit out or refuse to take medicine because of the taste. Yes, some are yucky, even you as a parent know that. Knowing how to get a baby to take medicine without spitting out is among the most helpful things or tricks that a parent might have when dealing with a sick baby.

As a parent, you have to do whatever it takes for your baby to take medicine even if they are not a fan of taking medicine. Babies don’t understand how the medicine is going to make them feel better, what they have on their mind is the awful tastes of the medication. Not taking medicine is worrisome to parents and some might opt to get physical. Such options are not advisable since they can result in the baby choking.

How to Get Baby to Take Medicine Without Spitting Out

Despite a medication’s awful taste, your baby needs it. Don’t be convinced by her through her actions and words not to give the medicine. If your baby vomits immediately after taking a medication, check if the medicine is in her vomit. If you can see it, give her another dose. If it’s only like 30% of the medicine, don’t give another dose as you might overdose on your baby.

The level of spitting out and/or spilling medicine is higher when using a dosage cup and spoons than using the below strategies.

Use a Syringe 

This is the most effective way to get a baby to talk liquid medicine without spitting it out. This method is mess-free, quick and the medicine is not wasted since there is a low likelihood of a spill out. With a syringe, you get to squirt medicine directly into the back of a baby’s months. This greatly reduces the chances of the baby spitting out the medicine since it goes straight down the throat after pushing the plunger.

Syringes are the most preferred tool for giving medication to children because one is able to measure more accurately compared to when using a cup, spoon, or other means. While using it, make sure to place it beyond the gum line or teeth.  

We recommend using the Ezy Dose Kids Baby Oral Syringe & Dispenser because it is durable, easy to use, easy to clean, and its size is just perfect.

How to get baby to take medicine without spitting out

Use a Dropper     

This is yet another effective way to get a baby liquid medicine without spitting.

With a dropper, you aim the medicine towards the baby’s cheeks close to the throat, as possible. If she might try to spit it out, hold her cheeks together. By doing so, the baby will have no choice but to swallow the medicine.

This is a perfect way to give medications to babies who cannot drink from a dosage cup.

We recommend using Ezy Dose Kids Oral Liquid Medicine Dropper and Spoon Kit because its affordable, easy to use and to read. 

How to get baby to take medicine without spitting out

Hear Out Your Kid 

If your child can talk, let her decide how and where she wants to take the medicine. She might prefer using a dosage spoon and on the couch. Let her speak and hear her out.

If you don’t agree with her, don’t show that to her. Instead of using a soft voice, convince her otherwise. You might be surprised by her telling you that she will take it all by herself. This increases the likelihood of her taking the medicine and not spitting it out at all.

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Talk to Your Child 

Communication is the most powerful way to solve any problem. Talk to your child. Let her understand the importance of the medicine and how it will stop her fever and get back to playing with others.

This is the best way to be on the same page with your child if she is old enough to understand.

Flavor the Medicine 

Children love sweet things and they never seem to get tired of them even when they are sick. While taking the medication for your little one, request the doctor or pharmacist to add some flavor to the medicines. If possible, let them give you the appropriate medications which have a flavor.

Flavoring the medication eliminates the possibility of your child refusing to take medicine because of its awful taste. She can’t spit medicine which takes like cherry or chocolate. Whatever the flavor, just ask for better-tasting meds.

Mix Meds With Food 

 Before doing this, you need to consult your kid’s doctor or pharmacist. This is because some medicine has restrictions.

If okay to mix the medicine with food, mix with a limited amount of food. For example, if you are using 400ml of yogurt, use half the yogurt to mix with the medicine then you can give the child the rest to drink.

Know What Your Child Loves 

A child might be spitting out medicine because she is taking a capsule and she prefers liquid medicine.

When picking up a kid’s prescriptions, converse with the pharmacist or the baby’s doctor about the available formulations for the medication. This is because the same medicine might come in liquid, capsules, or tablets.

Take the formulation that your kid loves or prefers. This is a creative way to reduce the likelihood of our child spitting out medicine.

Positive Reinforcement 

Children love being praised or rewarded. So every time your child takes medicine without spitting, praise her and even give her a reward.

This will encourage your child to take medicine without spitting. You can also use other positive reinforcement such as giving her a hug or even clapping. This strengthens the child’s behavior and with time, she will no longer be spitting medicine.

Make Fun 

Put a smile on your baby’s face and she will take that medicine without spitting it out.

This calls for one to be creative. You will have to do something that will make your baby happy and willing to take medicine. You can pretend to take a sip of the medicine so that the child would want what you are sipping. You can even dance around whenever you want your baby to take medicine and she will open up her month for you.


While giving medicine to a child, remember that the wrong technique can lead to vomiting. Hence it’s important to make sure your child is properly propped up, sitting upright and the technique used is the best one.

What worked the best for me was giving my kid an ice cube to suck before taking medicine. The ice cube was meant to numb taste buds. This way, she would not spit the medicine no matter how awful it tasted.

Let us know which technique is best for you.

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