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Baby mirror for car with no headrest

3 Best Baby Mirror for Car With No Headrest

Out of the important things that a parent with a baby should have while in the driver’s seat is a baby mirror. Keeping an eye on your little one makes your drive in peace. Your baby being in a baby car seat is not enough especially if they are all on their own in the back seat. There is a variety of baby mirror for car with no headrest but in this installment, we will discuss our faves. These are baby car mirrors that we have tested and found work best for vehicles (cars) that don’t have a headrest.

Benefits of Baby Mirrors for Cars 

Baby car mirrors come in handy. They reduce the need to turn back and look at your baby to too little or not at all. They eliminate anxiety about your little one’s wellbeing. The reassuring glances you get from the front mirror are enough to keep you calm and concentrate on driving. Hence they provide a big relief to parents.

The mirror reflection alerts you on what is going on in the back seat. When your baby cries, is tired, bored, hungry, or hurt, you can easily be aware. This saves you the time required to stop the car or even turn around which is risky while driving.

Apart from being there for safety purposes, the mirror also entertains your little one. This is because they love seeing objects in motion and the moving images they see in the mirror keep them glued to the screen.

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Baby Mirror for Car With No Headrest

Baby Car Back Seat Mirror is our top pick. This baby mirror car perfectly meets our expectations. It’s perhaps the only mirror that can a perfect fit for a car with no headrest. It has a good reflection, is durable, sturdy, and has value for money. 

1. Diono Easy View Baby Car Mirror

A notable feature about this baby car mirror is that it’s made with a 360-degree fully adjustable pivot. This establishes a perfect angle to see the baby in the back seat while on the move. When it comes to keeping eye on your little one through the rear-view mirror, this might be a perfect pick.

Baby mirror for car with no headrest

To provide a crystal-clear full view, this mirror has an extra 7-inch large convex shape. The mirror is made up of ABS and PMMA materials. In addition, it’s crash-tested. On top of the added safety of being crash tested, it’s made up of baby-safe shatterproof acrylic.

 It’s easy to install and can be used for non-adjustable or fixed headrests. It comes with a strap that fits over the headrest. Some of the cars that we used this baby car mirror car include Ford F150, 2018 Toyota Corolla, and Chrysler 300.


  • Easy to install
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Perfect for fixed headrests
  • Value for money
  • Sturdy
  • Has a scratch-resistant lens
  • It’s a 360-degree rotating mirror


  • In some cases, the mirror might not be firm (shakes)
  • Comes with only one strap

Dimensions: ‎2.2 x 7.5 x 7.5 inches   Material: Plastic  Target gender: Unisex  Lens Curvature: Convex

Check the current price on Amazon 

Baby Car Back Seat Mirror

This is two in one mirror since it can be used for both rear-facing infants and forward-facing toddlers. This is what makes it a good pick for someone who wants to save since all you will have to do is to change its position and you will be good to go. 

The Baby Car Back Seat Mirror size is suitable (6.5*4.13 inches). Its shape (convex) makes it possible for one to have a clear look at the young one at the back without turning back. It is made of high-quality shatterproof acrylic plastic mirror, for added safety.

This mirror’s installation and use are easy. For forward-facing toddlers, all you have to do is to install the suction cup on the front windscreen. For the rear-facing infants, you will have to fasten the straps to the car’s backseat headrest. It’s also possible to install the suction cup on the rear windshield and still have a great glance at the little one.


  • Durable (not easily broken)
  • Lightweight
  • Has suction power
  • Easy to install
  • Mirror has a good reflection


  • Although the suction cup might be firm, its falls off at times.

Dimensions: ‎7.3 x 4.8 x 3.4 inches  Material: Plastic  Target gender: Unisex  Lens Curvature: Convex

Check the current price on Amazon 

ONLYFU Baby Car Mirror Car Seat Mirror

The ONLYFU Baby Car Mirror Car Seat Mirror is the best baby car mirror if you are looking for a small-sized one. The size might be small, but it still manages to do the work perfectly like other bigger baby car mirrors. Its size is 3.5*2.2 inches. 

This mirror is made of PVC, ABS, and PMMA material and for additional safety, it’s shatterproof. This mirror is 360-degree adjustable hence you won’t struggle to try to take a look back at your young one while driving.


Another thing that makes this mirror outstanding is the fact that it comes with a clip and suction cup. To install, the cups are inserted into a hole on the back of the mirror body. A little force is required for it to be properly inserted. To remove it, all you have to do is to pull it out.


  • 360-degree adjustable
  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • Lightweight


  • Unsuitable for people who want big baby car mirrors

Dimensions: ‎ ‎ ‎4.5 x 3.3 x 2.2 inches  Material: Plastic  Target gender: Unisex  Lens Curvature: Convex

Check the current price on Amazon 


Drivers should have focus and peace of mind while on the road. These baby car mirrors provide these to parents when on the wheel hence making the drive safe, and enjoyable for both the parents and baby.

As much as they are a great solution in keeping babies and restless parents under control when driving, it’s more important to ensure the mirror you get is safe. All the above-reviewed mirrors are safe as they are all shatterproof.

Here is a step-by-step procedure on how to put a baby mirror on a car with no headrest.

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